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The name for the gallery “Tjitra” comes from my first girlfriend with Moluccan roots many years ago. After we both got divorced we met again and it was love on second site ;-) in the year 2000. We were told that the name means “Gods sign” although nothing has been written about this as far as we could find it. Looking at all our objects we have, they are direct or indirectly, to do with a god, gods, ancestors or superstitions. Besides the fact that we live in the small village “Engelen” (township of ‘s-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands) which means “Angels” the name for the gallery “Tjitra” would be more than appropriate.

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Archaeological terracotta from China

In recent years, we have built up a unique collection of archaeological terracotta from China.

We haven't purchased this art as an investment, because we feel that art should be valued in personal appeal, what you can learn from it and discover about yourself.

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New additions

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unique collection


It is common knowledge that there are a lot of authentic looking reproductions from China and Southeast Asia therefore, we have a lot of terracotta objects TL tested. A TL test is a thermo-luminescent test which is done by several companies such as, Oxford Authentication, see their site for more information about this process.

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On the other hand, Jade or other kinds of hardstone are very difficult tot date, even by experts. Our jades are described and dated through study, years of experience, and mainly because we only work with trustworthy galleries where we have a history of purchasing. We guarantee our jade or other hardstone objects to be hand-carved and from the estimated period.

There are methods for testing wooden and bronze objects, however these are very expensive. Upon request we will be able to have them tested.

Any questions

We are happy to help

We are happy to help with any questions regarding art from Asia or look for other objects for you.

In addition to our own know-how, we also have good national and international contacts and you can always use our documentation.

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